Better Than Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are not the magic answer…

Do they help?  Yes…but they are only one part of the solution.

What do people with hearing loss (and their friends and family members) need to know to conquer the challenges associated with this frustrating disability?

5Keys to better communication

The 5 Keys to Communication Success

Do you…

Have hearing loss?   Wear hearing aids?

Have a friend or family member with hearing loss?

Work with someone with hearing loss?

Dread the thought of getting hearing aids?

If you answered “Yes” to one of these questions, it is critical that you learn the 5 Keys to Communication Success.

Dusty Jessen - Audiologist - Cut to the Chase Communication

Dr. Dusty Jessen Audiologist, Author, Speaker

13 years as an audiologist have given me valuable insight into what really works when it comes to helping my patients cope with hearing loss.

I hate to break it to you, but hearing aids will never be the magic answer…no matter how amazing the technology becomes.  They are an important part of the solution, but only when combined with the other keys to communication success.

I’m thrilled to offer you an incredible resource that will finally provide you with the communication solution you’ve been searching for!

Frustrated with Hearing Loss Book

Meet Henry, the Healthy Hearing Hound.  In “5 Keys to Communication Success” Henry and I teach critical strategies for coping with hearing loss in the most challenging listening environments.  This critically acclaimed handbook is being used by hearing care professionals across the country to help their patients cope with the frustrations related to hearing loss.

“This book is outstanding.  I wish I had received a copy from my audiologist when I got my first pair of hearing aids eight years ago.  It would have made such a difference as I adapted to life with hearing aids.”  -Sarah, Speak-up Librarian blogger