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5 Keys to Better Communication

Cut to the Chase Communication provides easy, efficient, and fun education to make life easier for those who are frustrated by hearing loss.  There are 3 ways to learn the 5 Keys to Communication Success:

Better Hearing eTipsThe Program…for just $29.95 you’ll receive Henry’s Successful Communication eTips.  These tips are delivered straight to your email inbox every week for an entire year.  They provide education and reminders to reinforce the important keys for successful communication.  This program includes a free signed copy of Dr. Jessen’s Communication Handbook, Frustrated by Hearing Loss? 5 Keys to Communication Success.


5Keys to better hearing and communication

The Book…Dr. Jessen’s Communication Handbook is an essential tool for those who suffer from hearing loss as well as the friends, family members, and co-workers of people with hearing loss.  This handbook is being used by hearing care providers across the country to educate their patients about effective communication strategies.  The handbook comes in print format as well as electronic format for iBooks, Kindle, and Nook readers.



Dr. Jessen - cut to the chase communication

Live Training…Dr. Jessen educates audiences around the country through fun and interactive public speaking engagements.  She loves connecting with audiences of all sizes and helping them to apply the 5 Keys to their most challenging communication situations.